This is my first time ever writing a comment for someone. If you are looking for a real estate agent choose her!!!! Sooooooooooooo Helpful!!! I moved to Seattle knowing nothing about this city, as well as all the complex steps of purchasing a house, she went through everything with me very patiently, she replied to the emails quickly even after working for hours. She not only treated me as a customer but also a friend, she introduces her own experience and gives me plenty of tips on how to maintain a house.

5/31/2019, Lefan Zhang, Home Buyer in Seattle, WA

I cannot say enough good things about Angela. We had very specific requirements both in terms of the house features and the location (we were looking in a very small, but very popular, area of Kirkland). She was with us the entire way, learning what we liked about a place and providing great predictions about whether a place might meet our needs. We also had a number of non-standard requirements in terms of deal terms, and while those did create some difficulty, Angela was there to help us work through them. It was a lot of work, but she did it all with a great attitude and we ended up in a great place for a great price.

5/11/2019, Alexander Leung, Home Buyer in Kirkland, WA

I am first time house buyer. She help me understand each step of the way on buying a house. She helped me from purchasing a house to getting my keys. She will do whatever it takes to get my dream home. She is very professional and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her!

3/28/2019, Lyle Concepcion, Home Buyer in Lake Stevens, WA

My wife and I have been looking for a house for quite some time. The Baltaga Group was more than amazing. We can write a review for an hour on how happy we were with Angela, but want this read so we will get to the point. Angela is one of the most patient, kind and understanding real-estate agent we have ever encountered! She showed us dozens of homes and was always eager to accommodate our busy schedules. Ultimately Angela found us our perfect dream home! Angela is very knowledgeable, full of great ideas, and an expert in her field!!! If you are looking for the absolutely perfect realtor Angela Baltaga would be the great and smart choice!

3/26/2019, Vasili Cheltuitoru, Home Buyer in Lynwood, WA

I had the opportunity to work with a professional, who appreciated my time the most. She also gave me many useful advice, warned me of future issues I did not even think of. This is my first home and I feel like shopping with my mom. In my opinion she is a super realtor, and she can also be a super friend.

3/13/2019, Ion Buga, Home Buyer in Tacoma, WA

Angela is the perfect combination! Professional, personable and kinda powerful advocate for her clients and respected by other professionals in her field. We sold and purchased with her as our guide, without her we would have been lost! Our transactions went very smoothly!

2/15/2019, Sherry Calvert and Collins Klemm, Home Seller in Kirkland, WA

Angela is a great agent! We are so happy we met Angela and decided to work with her. Me and my husband were first time buyers and also new to US. So we literally knew nothing about real estate market and the process of buying in general when we started house hunting. She made a very detailed presentation for us which took several hours because of our numerous questions. She was very patient, attentive and very helpful. The response time is impressive, she answered our emails almost immediately. She also helped to negotiate the price. We will recommend Angela to all our friends!

12/6/2018, Evgeniia Volodina, Home Buyer in Seattle, WA

We are very lucky that our friends recommend Angela. She answered all our questions when we had them, even in the late night. She is 100% for her customers and their needs. Definitely will recommend her to our friends and family. Thank you Angela.

12/4/2018, Alexandru Goncear, Home Buyer in Federal Way, WA

Angela is absolutely amazing. We were first-time buyers and had no idea what we were doing, but Angela explained everything and was always accessible for questions. She treated us with respect while also breaking down the process and empowering us to make our own decisions. Not only that, but she worked extremely hard to get us the best deal possible. Even when the seller and lenders were less than responsive, she made sure that we got everything we needed, when we needed it, to close on time and get a great deal even in a hot market.

11/1/2018, Vasili Cheltuitoru, Home Buyer in Lynwood, WA

We sold our house in Q4 of 2018 when market shifted from sellers market to buyers market. Angela had anticipated the trend and told us in the first meeting in Q3 with the assurance she will do her best to deliver optimal results for us. And she did it. She has great knowledge of the real estate market, trends, and especially in the Seattle area. Her process was clear, straightforward without any hidden clauses. Angela works great across phone message or email communication channels. She is extremely responsive and has structured communication. She was extremely patient throughout the deal to see it through and pushed us to consider multiple offers and negotiated well. One feedback is – She could have anticipated the extent of market shift and pushed through initial offers instead of being on market for little longer to receive a similar offer. Again – She did anticipate the shift which very few agents will do ahead of time, we are just asking more of it because she is awesome and set a very high bar for herself!

10/9/2018, Viraj Gholap, Home Seller in Bothell, WA

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