Why 2021 was the ultimate seller’s market … and … Home prices hit record highs while supplies hit record lows.

Home prices in Seattle are expected to rise over the next year
Inventory hits record low in November
Recent report ranks Seattle as one of the most expensive cities for rent
Latest Northwest MLS press release
Homeowners gained equity in third quarter of 2021
Why 2021 was the ultimate seller’s market
Home prices hit record highs while supplies hit record lows
Home sales and prices continued to rise last month
Information on title searches
A year review of Seattle’s real estate market

Seven-day guide to organize your home
Tips for prepping your garden for the next season
Checklist for winter home maintenance
Tips for creating a luxurious living room
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DIY projects for the new year
How to keep your houseplants healthy during winter
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Cautionary tale of a real estate investor who lost $150K to wire fraud
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Mortgage Rate Forecast for 2022
Great markets for real estate investments in 2022
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Tolls likely to increase on 520 and other major roadways this fall
Hike to help the local pikas
Two Seattle Light Rail stations still on track, others delayed
Eastside activities and events
North Bend Film Festival to return in 2022
Local educators receive grants from district retirees
Blue Angels will return to Seattle in 2022
Avalanche risk is still high in the Cascades
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Nonprofit taking donations this season
Heavy snow and upcoming weather in the Seattle area
Where to get a booster shot in King County
Eastside activities and events
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Virtual tour of a glamorous home

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