Hi There! Buy Real Estate in These 10 Cities To Be Rich in 10 Years … and … Housing Market Update!


If you’re looking to buy an investment property that will pay off in the (relatively) short term, where you buy is key. There are some cities where home values are poised to skyrocket over the next decade, so buying property now will pay off big time when you are ready to sell. read more


Mortgage rates hitting a 7-month high and limited listings are sidelining homebuyers, but many are ready to pounce when rates decline and more homes hit the market. The silver lining of low inventory is that it’s propping up prices for the sellers who do list their homes.  read more


If it feels like the morning commute has gotten longer in western Washington, new data provides some evidence to back that up. After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, those who still had to go into the office in person enjoyed shorter commute times as many companies moved to remote work. read more