Hi There! 84% of Recent Homebuyers Plan On Refinancing… and … US Homebuyers Are Waiting For The Fed To Start Cutting Interest Rates.!


Recent homebuyers have had to overcome a series of hurdles to navigate the housing market, from low resale inventory to high home prices. Buyers were advised not to worry: They can always “buy now and refinance later” to a lower rate – and many are heeding that advice, according to a U.S. News survey. read more


High mortgage rates have effectively frozen the US housing market. And while lower rates could be on the horizon, Americans might have to wait awhile.  read more


Bellevue, nestled in the scenic Pacific Northwest, offers a multitude of family-friendly activities for residents and visitors alike. From exploring lush parks to discovering interactive museums, this vibrant city has something to captivate every member of your family. read more