Failing to Prepare the Home for Sale

  • Buyers make their purchasing decision within 30-seconds of entering the house.
  • 32% of sellers won’t correctly prepare the house for sale.
  • 20% of sellers won’t make repairs. Even small issues will make buyers think that the property wasn’t cared for.
  • 28% of houses have unpleasant odors. Pets, smoking, food, scents shall be removed.
  • We will be happy to do a 30-min in home consultation to help you prepare the house for sale.

Unavailability for Showings

  • 34% of sellers are not available to accommodate buyers for showings.
  • Less showings = less buyers to make offers = lower sale price.

Incorrectly Pricing Your Home

  • One of the most important keys to home selling success is properly pricing a home.  I’m sure you can guess what one of the most common home selling mistakes that is made?  If your guess was incorrectly pricing the home, you’re right!
  • Most common real estate pricing mistakes that sellers make is pricing their home higher to leave room for negotiations with a buyer. 
  • If it was as simple as listing a home for what Zillow says a home is worth, there would be no need for real estate agents.
  • A buyer will elect not to look at a home because they feel it’s priced too high which is obviously not what a seller wants to accomplish.
  • Eventually overpriced homes sell for less than market value.

Unwilling to Negotiate

  • 21% of sellers are unwilling to negotiate or don’t know how to negotiate a successful sale.
  • When selling a home, it’s important to do so with an open mind. 
  • Many sellers are failing to let the buyers “WIN” or even to offer small “WINS”.