Don’t know where to start with preparing your home for sale? These improvements provide the biggest return on investment, by increasing the value of your home more than their cost.

Paint Inside and Out

Fresh paint is the most cost-effective and profitable improvement you can make, even if your home doesn’t need a new coat. Paint the interior walls a neutral color and the ceilings white to make rooms look bigger.

New Lights

Replace outdated fixtures. This inexpensive improvement takes care of the décor that might discourage the buyers.

Install New Flooring

Install new carpet or tile, and refurbish the hardwood floors if needed. Choose a neutral color for new carpeting. New flooring will increase the market value of your home, while shabby floors can kill a sale.

Plant New Landscape

Attractive front and back yards boost the value of any property. Mow the lawn, trim shrubs, and plant new bedding flowers. Plant fresh flowers and some trees if the yard is barren, especially in the front parkway. Sweep the patio or deck and decorate with potted plants and flowers.

Clean and De-Clutter

Clutter eats equity! Cleaning and de-cluttering your home is a must before selling! Remember, less is more, and the objective is to get the highest dollar that the market can bear in the shortest amount of time. Too much stuff in a room (even closets and cupboards) gives buyers the impression of a too-small house with not enough storage space. When in Doubt, Take it Out!

Complete Repairs

Before listing your home for sale, make all minor repairs and catch up on maintenance. If you’ve deferred maintenance, get a professional home inspection. If the inspection reveals problems, make the repairs before listing the home. If you don’t, the buyer will probably discount the offer price for more than the cost of repairs or replacement.

Clean Garage

If you use your garage for storage, clean it out and rent a storage space. Paint the interior white. If your garage is unfinished, install wallboard or build storage shelves on the back wall.

Before fixing up your home, give me a call and we will walk through your house and make together a list of everything that is defective, broken, worn out or needs to be upgraded. Smart sellers will weigh the cost of proposed improvements against the home’s market value after the repairs or upgrades are completed. If an upgrade won’t return the investment, such an improvement might not be warranted. Before you decide to do a major improvement, realize that kitchens and baths carry the highest return.