First impressions happen only once! Buyers make up their minds within minutes of viewing a home. If the exterior isn’t welcoming, they may never step foot inside.

De-cluttering and making quick fixes before selling a home always pay off. Finish any home improvement projects – paint walls, replace worn flooring, etc. A home in poor condition doesn’t excite buyers.

Staging helps your home put its best foot forward. On average, staged homes sell in half the time as non–staged homes and at a higher price (3-5% above asking price). Keep in mind that in our marketplace, about 70% of homes for sale are professionally staged.



Make An Impact

We are a true believer that staging a home is the way to go!

Just as a nice shade of lipstick enhances the lips, a qualified designer/stager breathes life into large, open spaces. 

Another great payoff for advertising/marketing the home is bringing a professional photographer in to take pictures.

Most buyers today drive by before engaging. If your home has an attractive drive-by appearance, it will gain more showings. Little things to help improve your home’s curb appeal will make a huge difference.

Every home deserves to be shown at its finest, and only professionals know how to truly show it off.