Below are the Top 10 Truths of Selling your Home… that agents don’t want to say it because Sellers don’t want to hear:

  1. The price the Seller wants or needs has no bearing on House Market Value.
  2. An upgrade is usually not worth as much as it costs.
  3. Yes, home buying is emotional however financing is based on facts not feelings.
  4. Pricing above Market Value discourages buyers.
  5. Pricing just below Market Value encourages buyers.
  6. Market Value is determined by Buyers.
  7. Neat & Clean is King and Queen of self-ability.
  8. The #1 thing an agent provides a home seller is exposure to a much larger pool of Buyers.
  9. The first 30 days is “prime time” for market visibility.
  10. PRICING is the primary factor of whether or not a property sells.