More Money & Time

  • With an agent your house will get Higher priced offers, sell at top dollar and with better terms from buyers
  • You will net 7% or more when you use a Realtor than selling by yourself, including commission fees
  • A real estate agent Saves you time. Can you rush home a couple of times per day whenever a buyer wants to see the home?
  • Avoid needless showings. Agents can qualify and select serious buyers from the looky-loos

Extensive Marketing

  • Agents have access to extensive marketing online
  • Extensive marketing strategies will get you more buyer exposure & more money
  • Real estate professionals leverage their knowledge in home presentations and local markets
  • Serious Buyers work with agents
  • Realtors direct their listing to other agents in their home search criteria

Skilled Negotiators

  • Agents sell homes every day using skilled sales strategies
  • Keep sellers’ and buyers’ emotions in check
  • Can foresee and steer clear of problems before they occur
  • Negotiating the sale might be tricky – like the legalese of the purchase and sale agreement, inspection results, appraisals, etc.
  • Make sure you hire an experienced negotiator and they represent only you! They are worth every penny you pay them

Protect You from Liabilities

  • Selling without an agent is Dangerous
  • A lot of legal paperwork and disclosures are involved; you put yourself at the risk of being sued
  • The seller can be held liable for fraud, negligence or breach of contract if he/she does not disclose properly.
  • Number #1 Lawsuit cases in real estate is when one party is unrepresented