Selling Agents (Buyer’s Agent) are legally bound to help and represent buyers, whereas Listing Agents (Seller’s Agent) —the real estate agent representing the home listing—have a duty to the home seller.

It’s in Buyer’s interest to get an agent who will solely represent them. Think about it this way: If you are getting sued, would you hire the same attorney as the person suing you? Of Course Not. You need someone who has your interests as a priority.

A Listing agent represents the seller. Let’s assume you meet the listing agent at the Open House and tell them that you are in a hurry to buy and really love this house. Listing agent could use this information against you (and should use it), they can inform the seller how desperate you are and advise them not to budge on the price at all.

If Buyers tell the same info to the Selling agent they are working with, their agent will keep this private and from the Listing agent and the seller, and it can’t be used against you.

In Washington state brokers are allowed to be Dual Agents, representing a seller and a buyer in the same transaction. We don’t believe that dual agency is in the best interest of our clients.