Home buying is full of charges and fees that you might not be expecting. If you are buying a home in King or Snohomish County that was built in the last 15 years, this article may apply to you! Read to find out more about the Sewer Treatment Capacity Charge.

The sewer capacity charge is the responsibility of the current owner. The reason for this is because the charge is triggered by the connection to the King County sewer system and not by a new development. One good thing about the charge is that any increases are not applied retroactively. Your charge will stay the same for the entire duration. The only way that an increase will apply is to new connections only and will not be applied retroactively. 

You will receive a capacity charge bill every three months in addition to your regular sewer bill from your sewer service provider. It is very important that you pay your sewer capacity service charges every time you get a bill for them. Not paying this fee can result in a lien being placed on your property.

More Information about sewer capacity fees go to King County – Sewage treatment capacity charge.

Also please read Frequently Asked Questions.

Homes located in this area are subject to sewer capacity charges: