Angela and her team combine a strategic view of current market conditions and a detail oriented mastery of all the resources that have to be deployed to good offers in short order. We started working with her in March. She planned with us to be on the market in early May and went over with us the repairs we should make, the details (paint color) and the reasoning behind them. The day after the carpet-layers left, we turned the house over to her for staging, photography, listing and marketing. Even in a very hot market we were surprised how quickly we received offers and how Angela pointed out the non-obvious strengths and weaknesses of each. As a result, we closed approximately a month after listing at a substantial premium to our asking price. Knowledge and the ability to act on it set her apart from other agents I have worked with over the years.    

Richard C., Home Seller, Kirkland, WA.

Angela was so helpful and educational through the whole process. My partner and I are first time home buyers and even before we really committed to finding a place Angela sat us down and just went over the process of what to expect and the timelines. When we were going through the actual process of  buying a home, she made sure that he were informed of what was next and how to proceed. She was always available to answer any questions. I highly recommend her if you are just starting the process or have been looking for a while. She will find you a perfect home and help you reach your goals.

Justin R., Home Buyer, Sammamish, WA

After other realtors failed to market and sell my unique and high end lake front property, I signed a listing agreement with The Baltaga Group. They were the only ones who seemed willing and able to put in the time and effort to aggressively market my property. They contacted and met with various developers and private individuals who wanted to create a large waterfront estate or create a 4 lot sub-division. Angela and her team did considerable research on costs and marketability for short-platting, square footage, access, and building up to 4 homes. She contacted me at least once a week with updates and what she had done to market the home since we last spoke. It was clear she worked hard to market my property. Well done!

Mark S., Home Seller, Kirkland, WA

Angela was brilliant. Always on the top things. We were the first time home buyers and Angela made sure we understand every little detail of the process. We had a feeling that we have someone on our side. For real. We entered the market without even knowing what we want. After two months of a  relaxed search not only we knew exactly want will make us happy, but she helped us to acquire our perfect house in Seattle for a perfect price. We feel lucky. She was transparent, supportive, encouraging when needed. She has high emotional intelligence and a strong grip when it’s time to act. And, of course, she has all that homeowners wisdom to share (if you need it). The way we found her, she helped our friends to get a house in Kirkland, now we recommend her to our friends.

Xenia D., Home Buyer, Seattle, WA

Are you a first-time home buyer? No idea what it takes to buy your first home? If you are, look no further. Angela is your best companion! We met Angela on the recommendation of our friends. On the first meeting, Angela will walk you through the overall process of a home purchase. The contracts,  the clauses, the exceptions, etc. There will be a lot of jargon which you’ll find intimidating but Angela will explain them all in layman’s terms. She will not overwhelm you with all the details at once. She will only educate you when you need to. As first time home buyers, we were extremely nervous about the purchase since it is a very important decision with a significant financial risk. Angela understands this and was quite empathetic to our concerns. Angela was generous with her time and extremely patient with our silly questions, despite me repeatedly asking for clarifications for the 5th time. You can pick a bunch of houses from Zillow or other sources and Angela will prep a war-plan for the next day on visiting 6-7 houses the next day. She always makes time for a house tours at your convenience. It’s hard to keep up with her! At the house tours, you can bet she’ll point out every concern she has. Trust me, you’ll probably never questioned the angle of the driveway but you will, once Angela explains how it matters. She will inform and educate you about the potential costs while you do a walk-through. It’s a learning experience. She is extremely persistent with paper work, will gently nudge you with periodic reminders. We estimated we’ll need at least 3 months to buy a home. It took us just one month. 4 weekends more precisely. She was an excellent negotiator and presented our offer within our constraints and comfort level but at the same time making it attractive for the sellers. Angela is still in touch with us and helping us figure out some logistics even after we’ve moved in to our lovely place. We’re lucky to have met her and will wholeheartedly recommend her for your real-estate needs. She is always a phone call away. 

Gaurav K., Home Buyer, Bothell, WA

Angela was way beyond our expectations. She is great in many ways but I’ll start with process management. Home buying process is pretty complex and has a lot of time sensitive deadlines. Angela was on top of each and every tiny detail and kept us informed throughout. Extremely responsive and  flexible. She even helped us out when our lender screwed up, it speaks a ton about her dedication. Hands down not just the best agent but extremely professional and smart person to work with!

Saurabh D., Home Buyer, Sammamish, WA

Angela is the perfect combination! Professional,personable and kind;a powerful advocate for her clients and respected by other professionals in her field. We sold and purchased with her as our guide, without her we would have been lost! Our transactions went very smoothly

Sherry L.C.; Home Seller & Home Buyer, Kirkland, WA