Very very Professional, experienced and helpful !!! A experience a will never forget, I recommend to all my friends, and for all of you guy’s. Always answer the phone, e-mail, text message on time, very punctual and responsible !!!!!!!! :):):)

10/25/2017 – Maxim Vanica, Home Buyer in Bothell, WA

Angela Baltaga is extremely knowledgeable and informed. She made what could have been a very stressful experience into an efficient and productive event. My wife and I are moving from NY to the Seattle area. We were in NY while Angela went to listings we were interested in and Skyped with us every step of the way. It was like we were there, and it was what found us the right home! In a tough market for buyers her help was invaluable!

10/19/2017 – Randy Popkave, Home Buyer in Lynwood, WA

This is our first home and Angela made it a very smooth process. She devoted the time to explain the process step by step and accommodated our schedule as much as possible. She worked with us under very tight deadlines, addressing every question we had. I would highly recommend her.

7/31/2017 – Priyanka Jana, Home Buyer in Sammamish, WA

Angela is a delight to work with. She’s efficient, accommodating, understanding, and patient. We spent a month and half just looking at houses on the market so she’d know what I liked before I was actually ready to buy. Once we found our dream home Angela made the process simple and painless. I recommend her to everyone looking to buy or sell!

7/6/2017 – Sori Hasting, Home Buyer in Kenmore, WA

Angela and her team combine a strategic view of current market conditions and a detail-oriented mastery of all the resources that have to be deployed to good offers in short order. We started working with her in March. She planned with us to be on the market in early May and went over with us the repairs we should make, the details (paint color) and the reasoning behind them. The day after the carpet layers left, we turned the house over to her for staging, photography, listing and marketing. Even in a very hot market we were surprised how quickly we received offers and how Angela pointed out the non-obvious strengths and weaknesses of each. As a result, we closed approximately a month after listing at a substantial premium to our asking price. Knowledge and the ability to act on it set her apart from other agents I have worked with over the years.

6/25/2020 – Richard Careaga, Home Seller in Kirkland, WA

The best thing about Angela is her uncanny ability to understand your needs as well you understand them yourself. Work with her and she will deliver. In this kind of a market, you cannot afford to work with anyone else. It took her less than a week to figure out what exactly we want. She helped us bid on the house we thought was perfect for us and helped us prepare a winning offer. She works extra hard only because she has your best interests in mind.

6/19/2017 – Parth Mehta, Home Buyer in Lynwood, WA

Angela was absolutely great to work with from beginning to end. Her communications were timely, and his information was always “right on the money.” She thoroughly explained the sales process and was always available for questions. We need to check the property multiple times she always accommodated me. Loved to work with her.

3/31/2017- Ritu Ruia, Home Buyer in Redmond, WA

Angela was great. Always available and closed the sale on schedule. Based upon Angela’s expertise we were able to close on only the second condo that we placed an offer on.

2/10/2017 – Matthew Reichenborn., Home Buyer in Kirkland, WA

Sometimes we called her on a very short notice, and she always responded really well. She has good local knowledge, so she helped us in finding right community and right house fulfilling our needs. As being a first-time home buyer she always helped us to decide our priorities too. I really recommend her.

12/12/2016 – Shipra Gupta, Home Buyer in Redmond, WA

Angela is an amazing real estate agent, and she was the key in our journey to find a home. We have been working with a different real estate agent, and we were not happy with him, so we decided to try work with Angela. Me and my wife are having extremely demanding jobs and we are busy all the time. Basically, all we do is working all day/night in an adult family home. With only two days off a week, you can see how this would be a problem in finding a house. It’s not really a life dream to spend the little free time that you have looking for a house, and not only a house, but this also had to be The House, because we were looking to find a place that could eventually be turn into an adult family home. So, our expectations would be higher from the start: we need this much space, and it needs to look like this, with this many bathrooms, and this many bedrooms, no stairs, and windows this big… not too much room for compromise. When you are looking for a house for yourself you could change or lower your expectations in order to get something else, something different, that you didn’t realize you needed before. But with us it wasn’t that easy, our needs were the same throughout the process, and Angela managed to find us the perfect place. She showed interest from the start in every little detail that we were looking to find in a place. She was patient with us, and she made us feel like we were her most important clients. Every time we would ask her to show us a house, in 15 minutes we would have an appointment arranged. She took time, and she showed houses at 9 pm when I could take an hour break from work. Because we could not take our break on the same time she would show the house to me, and then wait for my wife to take his break and show it to her. No matter the day or hour, Angela was there to help us finding the perfect house. When we finally find something, she was on top of everything. She took care that everyone will do their parts in order to finalize a smooth transaction. I honestly think that without her help and her dedication, we wouldn’t have a house right now. I think she is a great real estate agent, who takes pride in her work, and gets great results. I would recommend her to everyone who is looking to buy a house, because she is the one who can find it for you. 🙂

11/30/2016 – Costel Lazaroiu, Home Buyer in Kirkland, WA