I absolutely loved working with Angela. She is very knowledgeable and guided and supported me through the entire condo buying process. She knows and understands this market and even had experience selling/buying other units in the condo complexes that I was interested in and was able to give me good guidance and advice. She constantly kept me updated in detail throughout the entire process and was very understanding about my needs. She is very detail oriented and made sure that I understood everything that I was signing up for. There were no surprises. Everything went through smoothly and on schedule. I always felt that she had my best interest at heart and went out of her way to help me with the sometimes stressful transaction process. She was very efficient and responsive to all my questions and concerns and helped me even beyond the home closing. I highly recommend Angela and intend to use her again if I do need another real-estate transaction.

10/27/2016 – Bindiya Rani, Home Buyer in Kirkland, WA

I both sold my house and bought a condo with Angela’s help. She understood my needs and didn’t try to pressure me into doing things I didn’t feel comfortable with. She got me $30,000 over my asking price very quickly by aggressively marketing to the right people. And when I needed to find a condo quickly because of this quick sale she made it her priority and was available to show me a property whenever it worked for me. She also took the time to meet with my mortgage broker and me before making an offer.

10/10/2016 – Abika Nimmakayala, Home Seller in Kirkland, WA

Angela was both professional and personable through the entire home selling process. She provided the necessary guidance and support to ensure that I received top dollar in the shortest amount of time for my listing. It was an absolute pleasure working with her. I’m definitely going to use her in future real estate transactions and would recommend her to anyone in need of realtor. Thank you, Angela!

10/3/2016 – Kyle Nevils, Home Seller in Kenmore, WA

Angela was amazing from the get-go!!!! She listened to our requirement and listed out a plan and what we should expect. She has been very patient and in no point, we felt rushed or pressurized to make a deal that we would regret later. She was our best real estate advisor. Her way of writing up offer was very comfortable to us. Our house was very tricky, and it took a lengthy process. She followed up professionally and guided us to closure. I would recommend her to any one in a heartbeat as she combines both experience and patience.

9/30/2016 – Linda Jensen, Home Seller in Kirkland, WA

Angela Baltaga was very helpful in every way with our purchase of the condominium. She is extremely knowledgeable about real estate, and I always trusted her expertise and her dedication to our best interests. And she is very personable and easy to work with!

8/5/2016 – Fred McDonald, Home Buyer in Kirkland, WA

I was very impressed with Angela’s negotiating skills, and trusted her completely with her advice, and knowledge of real estate. I knew that Angela always had my family’s best interest at heart, and it was a joy to work with her. I know her staging skills made our condo very appealing to buyers. Frankly, our condo never looked as good when we lived there. We feel so fortunate that we were able to get the house that we purchased with her help. In both the selling process, and buying process, Angela was incredible, and was able to get the most for us. I would recommend Angela to any, and everybody looking to buy or sell.

7/23/2016 – Dennis Tran., Home Seller in Edmond, WA

Angela was excellent to work with. Highly knowledgeable in the market and good instincts. She worked very hard to get our condo sold quickly and at a very good price. The photographs that she had produced were very high quality. I would recommend her to anyone selling a condo on the Eastside.

6/22/2016 – Nate Lyon, Home Seller in Kirkland, WA

Angela was the first agent to contact me as I began my search for my first home. I quickly learned how lucky I was to be connected with such a reliable, professional, knowledgeable and caring agent. Angela went beyond my expectations throughout the entire process. As a young first-time homeowner, there were (and still are) many things I do not know. I am grateful that Angela has been by my side through the entire process making sure I am well informed, educated and comfortable with the process. She has helped me feel confident with buying my first home. She was outstanding at being able to find me exactly what I was looking for. I now sit in a home that I love and can still reach out to her with any help or questions I need. I have to mention that the searching process was great – she kept me updated daily with new listings and worked around her schedule to meet up when it was convenient for me. She was never difficult to get ahold of, very very reliable! She was very realistic and did keep me informed of any risks in places we were looking at. She was looking out for me, and I knew I could trust her. Angela is overall such an outstanding agent who anyone would be lucky to work with. She is kind, fun and hardworking and has made me feel cared for as a first-time homeowner! I have enjoyed the cards and texts I have received from her even after closing, offering any help she can give me while I move into my new home. Such a fantastic lady to work with!

6/13/2016 – Chelsie Heberling, Home Buyer in Kirkland, WA

Angela was a pleasure to work with. She seemed to quickly grasp what we were looking for in location, style and price. She was always available to answer our questions and was able to quickly get requested information on places we were interested in. She made sure we understood any risks involved with certain properties that were within our price range, but that had issues that would need to be addressed. (Assessments or weak HOA’s for example) She got us the information we needed to be sure we made an intelligent decision. With her help we were able to purchase the one we wanted, and she has been there for us keeping us informed of every detail and reminding us about anything we might forget. We made this purchase from an out of country seller and while we were living in another state, but we were able to close and take possession in only two weeks. This was due to Angela’s help, and I would highly recommend her as an Agent.

6/4/2016 – Marianna Webb, Home Buyer in Kirkland, WA

Angela was very good to us! Our purchase ended up being not the easiest transaction, but she tirelessly worked with us to get through the drawn-out HOA/FHA and loan approval. Even with all that I feel very lucky to have found such a knowledgeable agent to help us not only figure out the purchase process, but also what we would ultimately be happy with. She showed us whatever we were interested in seeing without question, and still gave us her honest and logical opinion each type of setting we looked at, we were all over the map for a while. It was truly a great pleasure to be able to work with her.

5/10/2016 – Tera Stockton, Home Buyer in Kenmore, WA