Angela was brilliant. Always on the top things. We were the first time home buyers and Angela made sure we understand every little detail of the process. We had a feeling that we have someone on our side. For real. We entered the market without even knowing what we want. After two months of a relaxed search not only we knew exactly want will make us happy, but she helped us to acquire our perfect house in Seattle for a perfect price. We feel lucky. She was transparent, supportive, encouraging when needed. She has high emotional intelligence and a strong grip when it’s time to act. And, of course, she has all that homeowners wisdom to share (if you need it). The way we found her, she helped our friends to get a house in Kirkland, now we recommend her to our friends.

2/28/2020 – Xenia Dolovova, Home Buyer in Seattle, WA

Not the first transaction done with Angela’s help. Very helpful, patient and knowledgeable specialist! I’ve enjoyed working with her. Truly recommend Angela Baltaga!

12/8/2019 – Ana Varta, Home Seller in Federal Way, WA

She has great personality and educated us a lot so that we could choose right home. I am more than happy to have her as our agent. Even after purchase, she keeps giving us good advices for maintaining home when we need. I truly recommend.

11/4/2019 – Aoi and Jun Kokatsu, Home Buyer in Redmond, WA

She is amazing, she answered all our questions, understood from the beginning what we are looking for. A big thank you to her to find the house of our dream.

9/17/2019 – Mansur Shakirov, Home Buyer in Federal Way, WA

Are you a first-time home buyer? No idea what it takes to buy your first home? If you are, look no further. Angela is your best companion! We met Angela on the recommendation of our friends. On the first meeting, Angela will walk you through the overall process of a home purchase. The contracts, the clauses, the exceptions, etc. There will be a lot of jargon which you’ll find intimidating but Angela will explain them all in layman’s terms. She will not overwhelm you with all the details at once. She will only educate you when you need to. As first time home buyers, we were extremely nervous about the purchase since it is a very important decision with a significant financial risk. Angela understands this and was quite empathetic to our concerns. Angela was generous with her time and extremely patient with our silly questions, despite me repeatedly asking for clarifications for the 5th time. You can pick a bunch of houses from Zillow or other sources and Angela will prep a war-plan for the next day on visiting 6-7 houses the next day. She always makes time for a house tours at your convenience. It’s hard to keep up with her! At the house tours, you can bet she’ll point out every concern she has. Trust me, you’ll probably never questioned the angle of the driveway but you will, once Angela explains how it matters. She will inform and educate you about the potential costs while you do a walkthrough. It’s a learning experience. She is extremely persistent with paper work, will gently nudge you with periodic reminders. We estimated we’ll need at least 3 months to buy a home. It took us just one month. 4 weekends more precisely. She was an excellent negotiator and presented our offer within our constraints and comfort level but at the same time making it attractive for the sellers. Angela is still in touch with us and helping us figure out some logistics even after we’ve moved in to our lovely place. We’re lucky to have met her and will wholeheartedly recommend her for your real-estate needs. She is always a phone call away.

9/10/2019 – Gaurav Kamath, Home Buyer in Bothell, WA

Angela went above and beyond when it came to selling our home. She answers all our questions and guide us through the entire process. She’s a true professional, knowledgeable and a genuinely nice person. We realize it won’t always be this easy to sell our home while we are out of state but Angela made our home selling as smooth as it could possibly be. We will STRONGLY recommend using her in buying or selling. She is the best. Thank you so much.

9/7/2019 – Bassin Jobe, Home Seller in Mountlake Terrace, WA

She is AWESOME!!!!! If you are looking for an incredible, dedicated, and experienced realtor, look no further. My home buying process was not your typical transaction from start to finish their was one obstacle after another but Angela was there constantly to deal with situations, getting the best price for my home, negotiated a variety of issues with a different seller and came on top. I could have done it without her. She is the top realtor in the business. I wouldn’t use anyone but her.

9/1/2019 – Joanney Rachey, Home Buyer in Lake Stevens, WA

f you’re here looking for an awesome agent who’s in your corner every step of the way, Angela is THE ONE! Her attention to details in the house and documents, excellent organization and communication sets her apart from the rest. My husband and I were working with a really unprofessional lender in the beginning and had to extend the closing. Angela was very supportive and went above and beyond to ensure we closed on the extended closing date. She was flexible with meeting past work hours. We’ve already recommended her to our close friends and are not shy of recommending her to anybody who’s on the house hunt! 😀

8/4/2019 – Nikita Redij, Home Buyer in Issaquah, WA

Angela was way beyond our expectations. She is great in many ways but I’ll start with process management. Home buying process is pretty complex and has a lot of time sensitive deadlines. Angela was on top of each and every tiny detail and kept us informed throughout. Extremely responsive and flexible. She even helped us out when our lender screwed up, it speaks a ton about her dedication. Hands down not just the best agent but extremely professional and smart person to work with!

8/4/2019 – Saurabh Dugade, Home Buyer in Issaquah, WA

We met Angela at one of her open houses. We got talking to Angela and we immediately felt that it was perfect fit. At that time, we were just starting to search for a home. We didn’t have an idea of what processes and stages are in buying a home. Angela walked us through and educated us on everything that goes into the complicated process. She was patient and answered all our big and small questions. She was responsive to our calls and ensured that she got back with the right information. As we began our home search and visited open houses, we quickly realized how attentive Angela is. She’d always be on top of things – doing her research beforehand about the listing and pointing out all the good things and the red flags about the houses. This was pivotal in a lot of our decisions! While making an offer, Angela was influential in ensuring that we got a great deal. During the closing process, she always kept a watchful eye on how things were progressing with us and the lender ensuring that everything was on track. Throughout the process, she kept us accountable to all the deadlines – which was greatly appreciated. I’ve always heard home buying is stressful but we didn’t feel it – thanks to Angela.

6/30/2019 – Ameya Gholkar, Home Buyer in Issaquah, WA